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Usa Washington



1885  West Herman Road, OTHELLO

Washington 98372

Tel: +1 (877)331-0442  FAX: +1(509)331-2813



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Our Pallet Recycle Program provides environmentally-minded solutions. As with our new pallets, Yancey Pallet offers many sizes and grades of recycled pallets. Recycled pallets are our largest product category. We keep large inventory of ready-to-ship recycled pallets on-hand. Contact Yancey Pallet today for your quotes.


Yancey Pallet offers your company certified and stamped heat-treated shipping pallets per the standards set by the International Plant Protection Convention and monitored by Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau http://www.plib.org. All of our new and recycled heat treated pallets are ISPM-15 compliant. We maintain a large inventory of heat treatable products.

Yancey Pallet’s heat treatment process is done in a propane gas kiln. The kiln heats the pallet to a minimum core temperature of 56 degrees centigrade for a minimum of 30 minutes. Learn more about our heat treatment service by contacting our sales department at 877-331-0442 or emailing us at yanceypallet@yanceypallet.com


Yancey Pallet builds new pallets to our customer’s specifications including size, lumber type and board coverage. We design a pallet that meets your product type and weight requirement needs. We can also build a new pallet using recycled materials to your specifications.

Unsure of your pallet requirement needs? With a phone call, one of our representatives will suggest a design that will fit your pallet needs.