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Don't miss out on joining the largest community of pallet recyclers..

know more... IInform a large number of companies of your pallet recovery center, so that they deliver the empty pallets of your merchandise to their facilities. Register exclusive offers for factories and wholesale consumers or participate in supply contests for some of the most important companies in the world..

Recover the cost of your pallets and receive supply offers.

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From this portal you will be able to deliver the empty pallets after delivering the merchandise to your clients in the recycler closest to your client, or perhaps, decide that it is better, for the professional pallet worker or even other companies to go through your client to collect these empty pallets.

Receive the money directly to your bank account.

Take advantage of the report of your vehicles, collecting pallets from other companies that are on their way back to the factory.

You need to get rid of those pallets that you have and you want to earn extra money with them, this is your portal.

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Advertise your pallets for sale on the portal.

Find out where you can deliver them for sale.

Earn money selling those pallets that you don't need, in a specialized portal.

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Compania fiscal
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